Welcome to ECSE 437!

We build something beyond code! we build friendships!
About this page: This page is designed as supplementary material to ECSE 437: Software Delivery offered by McGill University in Fall 2023. Get access to the official content in myCources at ECSE-437-001.
To keep you updated about the most recent changes in this course, a news section has just been added!
Before jumping to the more serious stuff about the course let me bring your attention to some important points:
How to use it?
This space is designed to be read linearly, so start with the Team Section and work down from there! Some sections such as Lecture Notes are still in progress and will not be used as resources in any exams.
If you want to contribute changes, start a new change request and submit it for review. We use the fork and pull model to manage changes. More information about forking a repository and making a Pull Request. If your pull request is accepted you will be awarded with 1 to 5 bunes points! (typos are not included!)
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