🚀Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Faculty of Engineering's vision at McGill University is to prepare globally-minded leaders who are equipped to solve the problems that matter.

We aim to deliver the highest quality of engineering education through teaching and research excellence, a state-of-the-art educational environment, and innovative programs.

Objectives and strategies

  • Instil life-long learning abilities and prepare professionally competent and broadly educated students capable of addressing the demands of the twenty-first century.

  • Conduct high-caliber basic and applied research in engineering, applied science, and related fields.

  • Promote a vibrant and fulfilling student-centered experience and foster student success by providing necessary support.

  • Utilize advanced and innovative teaching and learning methods and tools, including advanced information, computing, and communication technologies, to facilitate successful learning within a technology-enriched learning environment.

  • Foster a collegial, respectful, and productive environment for students and create a sense of spirit and loyalty.

  • Engage in value-added activities that serve and address the needs of industry and engineering professions, and advance and improve the economic, environmental, and social welfare of the region, province, and country.

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